Hands-on Art Director | Content Creative

with the true qualities of a fully integrated designer and a solid brand/content strategy experience. Last year‘s contribution to WOW’s content strategy—a social media video hub for a global Latin America audience—spurred much of their videos to go viral, all this while simultaneously working at MTV as a senior motion designer. In 2016, at COMPLEX Networks spearheaded the then new Snapchat Discovery team as a Managing Art Director, developing content strategies to exponentially grow their followers base. Before Complex, worked as the creative lead for CT Corporation, a legal and compliance company, where I developed an art managing system to execute efficient workflow among other responsibilities.  


Contains relevant work done for Snapchat Discovery channel at Complex, ComplexCon 2016 and released 3D projects. 

About Creative Content Strategy

What would human thought be without visual language? Thought without symbols it’s virtually impossible. Visual language biases perception, shapes our identity: the thing becomes a different thing with a symbol attached to it. Symbols create stories.

Those who understand visual language manipulate the symbols to suit their purposes. Successful visual language creates a memorable experience for the consumer. It is a creative solution leveraged by a Creative Designer —like me.

Visual language is key to develop an authentic brand strategy. Strategy and creativity cleverly aligned create a unique brand —for which people believe there is no substitute.

But Strategy separates from Creativity by a wide gap.

True creative expertise closes that breach by using a wide array of techniques which facilitate visual elements to tap into those stories that matter to people.